Our Mastini Shoe Success

My Dream


Throughout Life our Dreams can sometimes become reality (Anything is possible) I believe you make your own luck in life, some people sit back and wait for it to happen, thats not for me, I have made many mistakes in life some that hurt and others that just cost money, but I have always found comfort and understanding in my dogs, my Mastiffs and for the past 30 plus years my Mastini, a true friend from the moment he is born in your hands to the saddest moment when you have to say goodbye... throughout their existance they will never judge you, always love you and give you support and understanding that I have never found in people.

I have spent to much of my life trying to please and impress everyone else and always failed, when things are not so good your friends are less.. the phone doesnt ring so much, but the dogs, well they never ever change..

For me I have been so lucky to have had all these great memories and times with my closest friends and I hope to be able to continue to do so for however long i'm around.. so my Dream has always been with me growing and getting stronger, holding my mind together when all else was failing "My Dogs", in past years hard work and building up financies have enabled me to give the best possible life for the dogs as they deserve to live in the very best conditions, I hope to meet them all again one day.. who knows.


Thank you my friends..


©2012 Rayvonley Mastini