Our Mastini Shoe Success

Steve Cox


Rayvonley Mastini "Show and Breeding Kennels based in Norfolk, United Kingdom" for over 20 years we have specialised in breeding high quality healthy and "typical" dogs to exhibit at Championship shows all over the UK (including Crufts for the past 17 years) and for the past 6 years we have shown our dogs in many other parts of the world achieving great show success.

We have dedicated a lifetime... of passion to these unique and wonderful animals, continuously being very conscious and vigilant of the right homes for our puppies, many questions and checks are done before we even start to negotiate a sale of one of our babies.

I am very lucky to say that my dream and hobby has now become my life time comitment and thats exactly what these dogs need commitment.

These are very interesting dogs but due to their enormous size, smell and slobber they are not a dog for everybody, they take a great deal of looking after and finding the best home that will hopefully last for the duration of their lifetime is always of the upmost importance to me, life time commitment to them is my main concern as they are a sensitive creature that becomes very much part of the family and treated with the kindness and love that they deserve become very close to the family that they protect and would lay down their life for, this should work both ways.

Steve with King
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