Our Mastini Shoe Success

Healthy Testing


Health of our dogs has always played a key role at Rayvonley Kennels, without good health you don't have a dog and without breed type you don't have a Mastino, so when planning litters these are the two most important facts "Health must go hand in hand with breed type. 

Over the past decade the health of the Mastino has become the absolute number one priority when considering breeding with many breeders in the UK which is a very encouraging sign, it is of the upmost importance that the parents of any pups are free from obvious health problems and where possible health tested, we at Rayvonley carry out a full health check on all of our dogs each day and all of our dogs are regularly vet checked for any underlying undetectable problems , searching for anything out of the ordinary to ensure that all of our dogs are in tip top condition.

Health surveys going back up to 20 years have been carried out and that information has been shared with The Neapolitan Mastiff Club UK to assist with their surveys, it is very important to try to extend the average life of our breed and make sure that throughout this life the dog is as free from health problems as possible.

Veterinary health testing has also been introduced and records for both hip scoring, eye and heart testing are currently a big collated for many of our dogs.


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