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Puppies sometimes available, to discuss the possibility of owning one please call: 07720 748910 or 01945 430949 


A few Rayvonley Puppies, perfection does not come easily "Rayvonley!"


"The Mastino! Enormous strength and Power, plus soundness, correct construction and most of all great health can be seen in these Pups that will grow to be 70-90Kg

Serious enquiries only: Steve Cox. 01945 430949 or 0044 7720 748910

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New born Rayvonley Mastini Puppies                                                                  

Rayvonley grey Male at 7 1/2 weeks old from Hartu II  


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Naturally, we want to keep contact with new owners and our puppies that we sell, its nice to hear many stories of how they grow and how they are and what they have done.

We also offer the facility of looking after your Mastiff when you go on holiday, all our staff have had many years experience with Molosser breeds, we have many acres to exercise the dogs each day.



"If you are interested in owning a Neapolitan Mastiff please have a look at the short questonaire that I would expect any potential Mastino owner to answer before we even begin to talk seriously."


Thank you for your kind enquiry regarding the possible purchase of one of my Neapolitan Mastiffs, but before I discuss the possibilities of selling you a dog I would have to know some simple and straight forward and totally honest facts about you, your family (if you have one that lives with you) and your knowledge of large dogs also the lifestyle and lifetime requirements for a Neapolitan Mastiff.


Have you done any research into the breed? Read any books? Have you ever owned a Neapolitan Mastiff, Mastiff or any Giant breed of dog?


These are very interesting dogs but due to their enormous size, smell and slobber they are not a dog for everybody, they take a great deal of looking after and finding the best home that will hopefully last for the duration of their lifetime is always of the upmost importance to me, life time commitment to them is my main concern as they are a sensitive creature that becomes very much part of the family and treated with the kindness and love that they deserve become very close to the family that they protect and would lay down their life for, this should work both ways.


Other questions;

Are you on your own?

Any kids, if so how old are they?

Do you have any other pets?

If so what are they?

Do you work full time?

Have you ever shown dogs?

Do you plan on showing this dog?

Have you a big secure garden?

Have you met any of these dogs?

Are you a member of a dog club?


We have a breed club here in the UK  http://theneapolitanmastiffclub.com  you should have a look, maybe join, contact the breed Sec: Julie Harrison



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I take these dogs very seriously, I have lived with them for some 20 years + , so please don’t feel offended at my response and questions, as if you do eventually have a puppy Mastino, you will be ask plenty more and I will let you and your family meet some of my adult dogs so you can see what they are like close up and I can see how you are with them.


"If all is well and we progress forward and you wish to purchase a Puppy a deposit will be required to put you onto our Puppy list, this deposit is fully refundable if the Puppy has not been born, paying a deposit shows me that you are serious about purchasing a Puppy and have done all nessasary homework and research required, we will also agree and sign a Puppy contract between us for the lifetime of the Puppy as raising a Neapolitan Mastiff correctly is very important a copy of this contract is available upon request."



 I look forward to hearing from you. 

Kind Regards 

Steve Cox

Rayvonley Mastini


A Black Rayvonley Female puppy at 7 1/2 weeks "Drina"     Grey sister "Daisy"


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